AORE Annual Report 2017 | Page 6


This work was completed by the National Office staff, namely Emily Thomas and with some support from Jocelyn Zabarowski in 2017. The importance of AORE logo use on all elements –from t-shirts to flyers, postcards to letterhead has been relayed to and from the National Office. AORE was delighted to have Rebecca Barry as our intern in the fall of 2017. Her focus included responsibility for social media, website, mobile app, graphic design, newsletter production, magazine production, emails, program & services marketing (conference, oops, strategic partnerships, membership, publications, development and fundraising).


In a nutshell, a small group of AORE members was very interested in creating two webinars (one as an “intro to the conference experience” and another that was a “careers in outdoor recreation” panel webinar) but the combination of a staffing transition at the National Office and a lack of communication about a redundant project led the volunteers to becoming disengaged and unclear about next steps.


This work was initiated by the development of a Needs Assessment survey that was sent to AORE membership in Q1. This survey was used to identify key aspects of member trainings and certifications required by employers and any needs for opportunities based on local and regional deficits. Upon completion of the Needs Assessment, information was shared with the AORE National Office to identify key AORE member and industry partners who would be able to offer training opportunities for our constituency. With this information, increase training opportunities were identified and an operational system for individuals and organization to provide training through AORE was developed by the National Office.

The work culminated with offerings prior to the Annual Conference in Roanoake, VA along with BOD members initiating individual efforts to provide local/regional opportunities that will be duplicated in 2018.