AORE Annual Report 2017 | Page 4


Our strategy for achieving BOD goal #1 was to recruit and train AORE members (and American Alpine Club members -- more on this below) to engage with the U.S. Forest Service on implementation of the agency's June 2016 guidance on recreational permitting. This guidance was written to simplify the process for administering outfitter-guide permits, and in so doing, increase access to the National Forests for guided recreational activities. The guidance is a significant milestone for the agency. However, full implementation of the guidance will be a long-term process. By engaging with the Forest Service on the local level, we will be able to determine how the June 2016 guidance is being implemented by field units of the agency, and identify ways in which we may use the guidance to increase access to the National Forests.


A group of AORE members was formed to identify the white paper topics that could best meet the needs of industry and Association. The following topics were identified:

-Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

-Environmental Sensitivity and Stewardship

-The Evolving Field of Challenge Course Programming on University Campuses

-Outdoor Programs and the Changing Nature of Student Population/Experiences

-Outdoor Recreation and Persistence to Graduation

-Climbing Programming and Serving a Bigger Institutional Need

-Transferability of Life Effectiveness Skills Gained Through Participation in Outdoor Recreation Experience During College

After three meetings to identify these topics, the group divided into author groups of 2-3 individuals, in addition to recruiting additional authors where subject matter experts were needed. The group identified the climbing wall and diversity topic papers as the highest priority to complete and these were initiated while a schedule of work for the other papers was created.