AORE Annual Report 2017 | Page 22


Margaret Axon

Luke Bartlett

Brad Beggs

Mackenzie Brady

Amber Cora

Scott Dirksen

Casey Dunphy

Florida Gulf Coast University

Josh Fulmer

Kellie Gerbers

Jason Gosch

Lance Haynie

Chris Hendricks

Susan Herndon-Powell

Eddie Hill

Jenny Hill

Anna Hisnanick

Jeff Keenan

Kyle Kraft-Culkin

Michael McFall

Old Dominion University

Jeremy Oyen

Melissa Robertson

Linda Rosenkranz

Leah Rossettie

Abigail Rowe

Ariel Seehorn

Houston Taylor

Mary Ann Toia

Gregory Wilson

Seth Yearout

Endowed Student Scholarship Fund

Sam Albert

Todd Bauch

Danielle Bessent

Lili Colby

Mike Doyle

Sam Drevo

Kellie Gerbers

Markie Grisham

Lance Haynie

Aaron Lipo

Samantha Lucheck

Andrew Lyburn

Albert Mitugo

Jeremy Oyen

Jeannette Stawski

Daniel Swan

Nathan Swanson

Emily Thomas

Jenn Velie

Russ Watts

AORE Fund for Student and Professional Development

Mia Axon

Joe Bottum

Stuart Downing

Rose Dumbrigue

Event Garde

Heidi Guyer

Cathleen Haglund

Lisa Hogan

Raquel Huffman

Jonathon Huguelet

Sydney Hurdy

Joey Lopez

Kenneth Magee

Yodit Mesfin Johnson

Sooji Min-Maranda

Mark Nelson

Elizabeth Riggs

Sue Shink

Charles Sinkule

Bethany Sitto

John Swerdlow

Allison Torres-Burtka

Brian Vroom

Susan Westhoff

Leah & William White

Planet Rock Donor Event

Sylvia Chan

AORE Memorial Fund

Beginning in January 2017, the following individuals have made donations to back AORE’s efforts to provide opportunities for professionals and students in the field of outdoor recreation and education. In addition to cash donations listed in this section, we receive many in-­kind contributions of time and travel from volunteers, particularly by the Board of Director members. We also receive hundreds of items for the Live and Silent Auctions at the Annual Conference, which raises funds to help professional and student development. For these donations and sponsorships, we say a HUGE thank you!


Board Fundraising

Kellie Gerbers | Lance Haynie | Mitch Hoffman | Bryan Karban | Genevieve Marchand | Anna Neumann | Eric Neumann| Helen Oyen | Jeremy Oyen | Brian Shirley | Russ Watts | Shannon Werbeach | Nathan Williams