AORE Annual Report 2016 | Page 3


AORE is humbled to have a team of full-time staff, part-time staff, and independent contractors whom dedicate their time, skill and passion to our mission. From those working 5 hours a month to 40 hours a week, AORE is made up of these passionate individuals.


Board of Directors

Jeannette Stawski, CAE

Executive Director

Emily Thomas

Assistant Director and Membership Manager

Meghan Sullivan

Communications and Office Manager


Allison Burtka

Outdoor Insider Editor

Jenn Velie

Exhibit Hall and Auctions Coordinator

Mitch Hoffman

Partnerships and Sponsorships Coordinator

Brent Bell

Outdoor Orientation Program Symposium Coordinator

Mia Axon

Development Consultant

Aaron Wolowiec

Founder and President, Event Garde

Cally Hill

Director of Client Relations, Event Garde

Kate Pojeta

Conventions and Exhibitions Manager, Event Garde

Russ Watts, President

Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant, Watts Group Coaching and Consulting

Lance Haynie, President Elect

Associate Director for Programs, University of Georgia

Paul Sanford, Treasurer (Jan-Aug)

National Director of Recreation Policy, The Wilderness Society

Bryan Karban, Treasurer (Sept-Dec)

Climbing and Trips Coordinator, University of Minnesota

Jeremy Oyen, Secretary

Manager, Program Operations, REI Outdoor Programs and Outreach

M. Mackenzie Brady

Program Manager, GirlVentures

Albert Mitugo

Senior Coordinator, SMU Outdoor Adventures, Southern Methodist University

Nathan Williams

Assistant Director for Outdoor Adventures, North Carolina State University

Kellie Gerbers

Assistant Director for Outdoor Recreation, University of Georgia

Eric Neumann

Change Strategy Manager, Accenture

Casey Dunphy, Student Representative Graduate Assistant, Clemson University

Guy deBrun, Past President

Assistant Director, Adventure Programs,

James Madison University