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Handbook Contents

Overview 03 Bleeding management and VKAs : an overview Caroline Bsirini and Majed Refaai
07 PCC and reversal of oral anticoagulation Alexandra Bucko , Giorgia Saccullo , Joost van Veen and Mike Makris
Comparison 11 Comparison of FFP and 4F-PCC in warfarin reversal Jerrold Levy
DOACs 15 Direct oral anticoagulants and treatment of bleeding Jerrold Levy
Acute bleeding 18 Acute major bleeding and 4F-PCC Truman Milling
Pre-operative reversal 22 Pre-operative reversal of VKAs Chakri Gavva , Manasa Reddy and Ravi Sarode
Editor , Secondary Care Andrea Porter
Commissioning Editor Annabel De Coster
Commercial Director , Secondary Care & Business Health Jennifer Richardson
Managing Director Alex Beaumont
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