Annual Reports 2017: Opening Doors - Page 26

Expanding Services and Access through Grant Awards

StreetReach Receiving Funding to Reduce Homelessness
The StreetReach program provides outreach , engagement , case management and treatment services to homeless adults with mental illness or co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders . The program uniquely targets those who are distrustful of “ the system ” and need a low-key , come-as-you-are approach to receiving services .
In 2017 , the Heart of West Michigan United Way awarded StreetReach a $ 70,000 grant to provide the extra staffing hours needed to help more individuals complete the SOAR ( Supplemental Security Income / Social Security Disability Insurance Outreach , Access , and Recovery ) application process , and hopefully be placed in a stable living situation .
Nationally , only 26 percent of individuals who apply are approved upon initial application . For people who are homeless and have no one to assist them , that percentage is cut by more than half . When applications are denied , appeals can take an average of one year to complete , and in that time , applicants often give up hope . States using the SOAR model report average approval rates of 65 percent in an average of 94 days on initial applications .

“ My job is to be a peddler of hope ,”

says StreetReach Case Manager Bryan Holt , BBA , MS . He helps Kent County residents living in extreme poverty who are homeless , face drug or alcohol addictions and have a mental health diagnosis complete the SOAR . And when clients won ’ t come to the office , he offers hospitality and inclusiveness by going to where they are . He does everything from helping people acquire tents to rounding up food from local pantries .
Bryan Holt , BBA , MS , StreetReach Outreach Case Manager and Victoria Sluga , LMSW , CAADC , StreetReach Team Lead . Bryan Holt ’ s position is funded by network180 via a grant it subcontracted to StreetReach .

“ Most appreciated being treated with dignity and respect . A + in that category ! Very helpful , indeed !”

– A Pine Rest Patient
14 2017 Pine Rest Annual Report
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