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Our Mission , Staff , Performers , and Letter from the Director
Letter from the Director

Our Mission , Staff , Performers , and Letter from the Director

Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua provides entertaining and educational cultural activities with an emphasis on performances that celebrate history and the environment .
Terry Matier - Executive Director Phillip Anich - Operations Manager & Canvas Master Megan Boyle - Development Director Dan Clevette - General Manager Jen Geissler - Box Office Manager / Office Manager Ruth Goetz - Sponsorship Coordinator Kent Kuhlman - Marketing & Communications Manager Anney Olson - Volunteer Coordinator / Development Assistant Linda Nemec - Box Office Assistant
Tent Show Radio
Tom Fabjance - Tent Show Radio Producer Michael Perry - Tent Show Radio Host Jaime Hansen - Tent Show Radio Engineer Phillip Anich - Tent Show Radio Announcer
2016 Summer Staff
Ocean Clevette , Azsa Greiner , Michelle McCumber ,
Angela Welty , and Charles Wiggins , - Box Office Assistants Kyrsten Olson - Merchandise Manager Liesl Settgas - Stage Manager and Production Manager Mike Gustafson and Anney Olson - House Managers Luke Hudson - Lighting Director T & E Concert Services , Travis Johnson - Sound Company and Engineer Kurt Jeffson and Reese Westerhoff - Sound Engineers Josiah Cook , Alex Fischer , and Daniel Gilbert - Production Assistants Aimee Sweet - Operations Assistant Marynn Brehm and Kat Taylor - Artist Assistants Emma Rusch - Development Intern / Photographer Douglas Wyant - Housekeeper
2016 Cast and Performers
Blue Canvas Orchestra
Severin Behnen - musical director , vocals , accordion , piano Ed Willett - musical director , cello , vocals Betty Ferris - visuals director Jane Aleckson - bass , vocals Phillip Anich - vocals Bruce Bowers - violin , guitar Bruce Burnside - banjo , mandolin , vocals Corey Carlson - guitar , vocals Andy Dee - guitar , vocals Jack Gunderson - vocals , bass Tom Mitchell - percussion , vocals
BCO Guest Artists
Don Albrecht Emily Belanger Michael Charette Dan Chouinard Lily Dee Gerry DePerry Danielle Diamond Tom Draughon Dale Engquist Marcie Gephart Alan Granley Lizzie Herriot Prudence Johnson Sally Kessler Kevin Kling

Our Mission

Billy Knoblauch Cheryl Leah Jan Lee Joe Lindzius Larry Long Rad Lorkovic Laura MacKenzie Jeffrey Madison Jed Malischke Stevie Matier Otis McLennon Dale Mendenhall Frank Montano John Munson Warren Nelson
Rowan Nelson-Ferris Harrison Olk Vincent Osborn Nori Schwenzfeier Michael Perry Gary Raynor Randy Sabien Joe Savage Kevin Soulier Molly Stoddard Mary Lou Williams Liesel Wilson Liz Woodworth

Letter from the Director

Dear Friends :
Time to put another year to bed and gear up for the coming summer . We have many wonderful memories of 2016 to hold us until the tent rises again in May and we launch the next season of performances and cultural activities under the Big Blue Tent . Luckily we get to relive some of that magic every week on public radio through our Tent Show Radio program , or listen to podcasts whenever we choose . And our Blue Canvas Orchestra performs in several communities over the fall , winter and spring . So we ' ll make it to June , but it can ' t come too quickly for me .
Some of my favorite memories of last year include our amazing 30th Anniversary Celebration with the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra and BCO . I was also blown away by " Steerage Song ," a collaboration between The Duluth Playhouse and our BCO musicians . It was a beautifully moving piece about the immigrant experience , and was so very well done . Some of my favorite touring artists of the summer were Buffy Sainte-Marie , Michael Franti , case / lang / veirs , The Mavericks and John Fullbright . I am always moved by our youngest concert-goers at the family matinee series , and love the interactions we facilitate through our Native American Community Connections programs and workshops . It is without a doubt a great bounty of artistic experience , given by you - our supporters - to this community and its many visitors .
I love the fact that this quirky little non-profit exists and is supported by so many people from all over the country . It says to me that Big Top makes a positive impact on people ' s lives . Big Top brings us something that we need and want to support . I thank you all for everything you do to keep Big Top thriving - whether you buy a ticket or are a donor or you tell people about us , we rely on all of you ! Thank you so much for continuing to attend and support Big Top programs . We will continue to bring you beautiful music , joyful gatherings and inspirational artistry - and to help make those happy memories that carry us through .
Yours in the Big Top mission ,
Terry Matier Executive Director
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