Annual Report-AGHI 2022 | Page 2

Welcome to the sixth annual report for the Alabama Genomic Health Initiative ( AGHI ). The University of Alabama at Birmingham ( UAB ), in partnership with HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology , launched the AGHI in 2017 to better meet health needs across Alabama .
We are eager to share our continued progress , as 2022 was marked by our efforts to integrate genomic medicine into family and community medicine clinical practices . We partnered with UAB clinics in Selma , Birmingham , and Hoover to continue our prioritization of improving inclusion of historically underrepresented Alabama communities in genomic data . Working closely with clinic leaders and community stakeholders , the plan that emerged is now implemented , and we are beginning to review participant results and engage clinical teams to better understand the potential value of genomic medicine in improving health outcomes for Alabama ’ s communities .
The AGHI provides genetic diagnoses to participants and their families , hoping to end the long diagnostic odyssey and equipping people with knowledge and a path forward in managing their diagnosis . In addition , the AGHI provides individuals with actionable disease risk information that may help prevent the onset of life-limiting conditions , including some cancers and cardiovascular conditions . And new for 2022 , the AGHI now returns pharmacogenetic information to participants , giving them and their medical providers personalized guidance for current and future medications . Continuing to engage community stakeholders and provide continuing medical education to clinicians and future genomic medicine leaders also remains a focal point of the study .
We are proud to make Alabama a national leader in harnessing the power of genomic medicine for the greater good of our people , workforce , and economy . Thank you for your continued support of the Alabama Genomic Health Initiative . We pledge our continued commitment to finding ways to improve the lives of all Alabamians through genomic medicine .
Sincerely ,
Bruce R . Korf , MD , PhD
Chief Genomics Officer , UAB Medicine Co-Director , AGHI
Greg Barsh , MD , PhD
Faculty Investigator , HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology Co-Director , AGHI
Nita Limdi , PharmD , PhD
Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology , UAB Medicine Co-Director , AGHI
Matthew Might , PhD
Director , UAB Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute Co-Director , AGHI