Annual Report 2021 - Page 16



The UH Cancer Center , the Hawai ‘ i State

Department of Health , and the American Cancer Society founded the Hawai ‘ i Skin Cancer Coalition ( HSCC ) in 1995 . The HSCC ’ s mission is to provide clear , concise messaging on skin cancer prevention and detection for both the public and health professionals . Since its establishment in 1995 , the HSCC has promoted sun protection education in Hawai ‘ i in a manner that is mindful of the rich cultural diversity of the state .
Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the U . S ., with at least one in every five adults developing the disease within their lifespan . Hawai ‘ i ’ s close proximity to the equator puts residents at a higher risk than those residing in areas that are farther from the equator . To reduce skin cancer incidence among those most susceptible to the disease , the HSCC is creating sun protection initiatives for Hawai ‘ i ’ s high school athletes , developing educational videos about skin cancer for the public , and presenting information at community groups about skin cancer prevention and early detection . The Hawai ‘ i Skin Cancer Coalition is an invaluable asset in the state ’ s fight against skin cancer .


Studies have shown that adolescents in Guam have higher rates of tobacco product and areca ( betel ) nut use compared to the general U . S . population . Scientists have long established that those who use these substances have a greater risk of developing cancer . To prevent tobacco use and ultimately decrease cancer incidence in the Pacific , UH Cancer Center researcher Pallav Pokhrel , PhD , MPH , and collaborators from the University of Guam are conducting a study that seeks to develop and test the use of a tobacco , e-cigarette , and areca ( betel ) nut prevention program that could be implemented and evaluated at public middle schools across Guam .

The study is funded by the Pacific Health Partnership for Cancer Health Equity ( U54CA143727-11 ), and is one of many projects at the UH Cancer Center working to reduce the burden of cancer in Hawai ‘ i and the greater Pacific through prevention and education .