Annual Report 2021 - 2022 - Page 5

2022 marks the year the world adjusted to a new normal in the post-Covid era.


In 2022, many of us discovered we were no longer satisfied with singular outcomes. We are now looking for multiple benefits from everything we do. Can I pursue my career and enjoy my life by working from home or being a nomadic worker? Can I drive a car and reduce emissions?


2022 also marks Classroom of Hope’s 10th anniversary. We pause to reflect on the incredible achievements of our founders from the first school funded by lemonade stands and personal donations to an established and recognised brand in the philanthropic community generating almost $1M p.a. and with more than 85 schools constructed and over 25,000 children having received an education through the direct efforts of our donors, our partners and our amazing team.


However, like the rest of the world, we are also asking if we can do more. Can we achieve multiple outcomes for every dollar our donors give? Can we serve a humanitarian and an environmental outcome with all our efforts?


Of course, we now know we can – we proved it by building three schools from recycled plastics in 8 days. An incredible achievement by any standard. An achievement that is beginning to capture the imagination of major donors and governments. 


As we look forward, there is much to be excited about for Classroom of Hope. We have created a unique dual-product in the philanthropic landscape, one that our team is incredibly proud of and one that we can replicate and scale to increase our impact in ways our founders only ever dreamed about ten years ago.


I can’t wait for the next ten years and look forward to joining you all on the journey.


A Letter from our Chair

Sean Edwards