Annual Report 2021 - 2022 - Page 10

2021-2022 HIGHLIGHTS





After successfully building the world’s first Block School using Block Solutions technology in Lombok, Indonesia, we constructed five more Block Schools on the island during FY 22. The six Block Schools on Lombok consist of 24 classrooms, serve 982 students and have removed 31.4 tonnes of plastic waste from the environment.

In October and December 2021, we built the first and second Block Homes using Block Technology in Lombok, Indonesia. The Block Homes were built for families who lost their homes in the 2018 earthquakes. Next year, we plan to build hundreds of Block Homes for the people of Lombok, Indonesia.

In August 2021, we formed an official partnership with Classroom of Hope Indonesia (COHI), a local non-governmental organisation dedicated to implementing the building of sustainable Block Schools and Block Homes in Lombok, Indonesia. COHI implemented the construction of five Block Schools and two Block Homes in FY 22.

COH and COHI have worked together to play a pivotal role supporting Block Solutions Indonesia in setting up the first Block Solutions factory in Asia, due for completion in June 2023. We are pioneering Block technology in the hope it will change Indonesia and other countries across the Asia Pacific region for the greater good of people and the planet.


In June 2022, we built three Block Schools in just nine days! It was the success of our capacity-building program that made this possible. Our senior building team (who built the first three Block Schools) transferred skills and knowledge to two local building contractors. With each team working on one school, the local contractors built three schools in just over a week.


Classroom of Hope helped to facilitate a €2.4 million impact investment from Europe into Block Solutions Indonesia. This investment goes towards the building of APAC's first Block Solutions factory, along with the operating funds required for Block Solutions Indonesia. We are proud of the role we played in setting up Block Solutions Indonesia for success.