Annual Report 2020 - 2021 | Page 13

The success of our Lombok pilot project will usher in a new wave of Block Schools. We have since constructed another Block School and two Block Homes. Plans are in motion to scale the project with the construction of a Block factory in Lombok and the incorporation of Block Solutions Indonesia. This factory will allow for plastic to be sourced, recycled, and then manufactured into blocks locally, with the opportunity to be shipped throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

Considering Indonesia is the world’s second-largest plastic polluter, the new Block solution will help combat plastic waste management across Indonesia. Blocks have the potential to create a considerable environmental impact and help to create a sustainable construction choice. Using Block Solutions technology, plastic that currently pollutes oceans, rivers, and landfills can transform into long-lasting, safe, affordable homes or schools. Our grand vision is that the factory will inspire other regions of Indonesia to build factories and then across Asia and the world.

Significant economic evidence supports building with this new technology to add value to the Indonesian economy. Please read our summary infographic or this cost-benefit analysis written by our partner Mettalytics Consulting for more information.