Annual Report 2020 - 2021 | Page 11

We build schools because every child deserves access to quality education and a safe learning environment. Our Building Schools model starts with loyal partnerships with best-practice local NGOs who have the vision, drive, and community standing to create change in their countries. We provide funding then our local partners build high-quality schools. Our partners are guided by a bottom-up approach. Community leaders and school committees are engaged in close collaboration and consultation from the early stages of construction. The government also supports the process by providing land, teachers, and/or curriculum. It is a collaborative process. Upon completion of school buildings, all our donors receive proof of impact reports with photos and GPS coordinates.


We build Block Schools in Lombok, Indonesia using Blocks made from recycled plastic waste. Classroom of Hope has partnered with Block Solutions for our Block Schools Program. Block Solutions is a Finland-based company that has developed environmentally friendly “block modules.” Block modules are used for building sustainable and safe buildings that are affordable, durable, sustainable, easy to assemble, and can be dismantled and rebuilt. Blocks are manufactured from various forms of recycled plastic, such as PET plastic bottles, PP, and PE plastic, which are washed and broken down into granules and then mixed with wood fibers before being processed into an injection molding machine to create the Blocks. Block Schools are earthquake resistant and will last over 100 years.