Annual Report 2018 - Page 21

Resident Advisory Committees ACKERMAN SFC ADVISORY COMMITTEE Formed in 2015, the committee is comprised of Ackerman SFC users and members whose task is to provide guidance and advice regarding the facility. Thanks to Adam Smith, Beth Lilly, Gina Walch, Jim Cantore Jr., John Nevins, Katie Kline, Mark Reinke, Marion Michel, and Mary Carrier. ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE Formed in 2016, the committee is comprised of users and members whose task is to provide guidance and advice regarding environmental efforts throughout the Park District. Thanks to Dawn Pearce Bley, Gail Bode, Janet Kuefler, Carrie O’Halloran, Diane Padilla, John Bower, and Adam Kreuzer. YOUTH SPORTS ADVISORY COMMITTEE Formed in 2018, the committee is comprised of key stakeholders whose task is to provide ideas, input and feedback regarding Glen Ellyn Park District’s youth athletics programs. Thanks to Aaron Bare, Mary Beth Bletsas, Pete Danielewicz, Jon Ciero, Judi Cipollari, Brett Hepner, Mike Jackert, Kurt Mika, and Mark Tennyson. CITIZENS’ FINANCE COMMITTEE The Park Board initiated and formed the Citizens’ Finance Committee, comprised of Glen Ellyn professionals in the financial and business community, whose task was to oversee and provide guidance regarding District finances. The committee has been instrumental in review, advising and establishing financial direction and oversight. These efforts have contributed to the financial stability of the District both present and for the future. Thanks to Leo Lanzillo, Michael Graham, Fred Bachman, Tom Lettenberger, Charlie Prisco, Tony Saguto, and Don St. Clair. PART-TIME & SEASONAL STAFF Thanks to the over 595 part-time and seasonal staff members who serve in various capacities including: preschool teachers, camp counselors, lifeguards, referees, concession attendees, personal trainers, fitness attendees, park maintenance, desk attendants, recreation instructors, coaches, and many other positions.