Annual Report 2018 - Page 11

Natural Area Restoration Projects The Park District is dedicated to helping sustain plant life for future generations by protecting and restoring indigenous natural communities such as prairies, woodlands and wetlands. Restoration projects are primarily focused on the removal of invasive non-native plants and reintroducing native trees and plants. Greener Glen Ellyn Campaign The Greener Glen Ellyn Campaign featured ten different topics with monthly educational articles, supported by examples and ideas residents could enact to practice a greener lifestyle. Earth Day 2018 Prescribed Burns Prescribed burns were conducted at Ackerman and Churchill Parks in 2018. Prescribed fire stimulates growth of native plants and grasses while reducing invasive trees and non-native, weedy plant species. Native Plant Installation Projects • Over 800 wetland plants were planted in the low wet areas of Maryknoll Park • Dozens of oak tree saplings were dug from a holding area and planted in parks as part of an Eagle Scout project. Problem Based Learning (PBL) Staff worked with School District 41 on three different problem-based learning projects related to natural resources including topics such as: recycling & up- cycling, the importance of unstructured outdoor time, and helping native plant and animal species. As part of Earth Day, the Park District worked with School District 41 to showcase student’s earth art work and projects made with recycled materials. Over a dozen local environmental groups were present to showcase their services. Rain barrels were available for purchase and educational tours of Lake Ellyn Park were offered. DuPage River Sweep Natural resource staff helped organize the local effort of the DuPage River Sweep, a county-wide clean-up coordinated by The Conservation Foundation to remove trash from local rivers and waterways. The sweep was conducted at Churchill Woods Forest Preserve. Partnerships The Park District partnered with The Conservation Foundation and the Village of Glen Ellyn’s Environmental Commission to offer a public workshop on the health benefits of being in nature, offered a Sustainable Yard Tour, as well as a Native Tree and Shrub Sale for residents. Over 170 plants were ordered/sold at the sale! Monarch Waystations Monarch Waystations were registered at Churchill Park and Maryknoll Park. These areas support monarch butterflies and other pollinators. Volunteers Approximately 400 volunteers helped with natural area restoration and habitat improvement projects. The Park District offers Restoration Work Days each month where residents can lend a hand in their local parks and natural areas. Land Acquisition Acquired property contiguous to Manor Park to preserve and expand open space within Glen Ellyn. The acquired property will remain in its natural condition while expanding Manor Park. Additionally, the Village has agreed to vacate the cul de sac which currently divides the park in half. The roadway will eventually be removed and converted to greenspace. Green Initiatives Learn more about our 2018 environmental accomplishments by visiting our website at