Annual Report 2018 - Page 13

HEALTHY SYSTEM 2018 A Shared Commitment to Patient Safety The trust and confidence of the public and our effectiveness as professionals is influenced by the system within which we operate. The interdependence and collaboration of a variety of health players is critical to serving in the public interest and ensuring high quality care for the patients and their families in Ontario. In 2018, with the introduction of right-touch regulation at the College, we decided to clarify our role, recognizing that others – those closer to an emerging problem, for example – may be better situated to address the concern. Simply put, we recognized that we could not be a one-stop shop for all concerns. Finding ways to reduce harm to patients is at the core of the College’s work, however, we recognize that preventing harm is a system-wide effort. It is an effort that requires collaboration, coordination and communication among many players in the health-care space. These include hospitals, educational bodies, public-health institutions, and, of course, doctors themselves, all of whom play a crucial role in improving patient care. We have made a big shift in the last year. We realize that to truly fulfill our mandate, we need to strengthen our relationship with doctors themselves, to champion their professionalism and support their dedication and commitment to safe, quality care. At the heart of right-touch regulation, we understand that physicians themselves are often best equipped to address risk – both with individual patients and with the wider system. Whatever regulatory measures we use should not be overly prescriptive and instead support positive behaviour and the exercise of professional judgment. When the College becomes aware of a particular instance of harm or the potential for harm, the issue has to be fully considered as to whether regulation is indeed the best tool to address the concern. Sometimes it won’t be. In 2019, we will be sharing more of our efforts to develop policy and solutions that make sense for the entire health system. “The changes you are making at the CPSO are inspirational in a time when doctors have had little to celebrate. Thank you for your leadership and dedication.” – Ontario Doctor CPSO ANNUAL REPORT 2018 // page 13