Annual Report 2018 | Page 8

QUALITY PROFESSIONALS 2018 Registration The Ontario Fairness Commissioner found that the CPSO’s registration practices were: Objective Fair Transparent Impartial The people of Ontario need to have confidence and trust in the medical care that they receive. The College works to maintain that trust by ensuring that only qualified, competent and ethical physicians are licensed to practise medicine in this province. Regulation; or • The Registrar has doubts on reasonable grounds whether the applicant fulfills the non-exemptible requirements in the Regulation (requirements that pertain to conduct, character and competence). In 2018, we registered 5, 281 physicians to begin practise in Ontario, the highest number of new registrants in the College’s history. The Registration Committee, after considering an application, may make an Order directing the Registrar to issue a certificate of registration prescribed in the Regulation, to issue a certificate of registration with terms, conditions and limitations, or to refuse to issue a certificate of registration. When we receive an application for licensure, we look at an applicant’s education, training and experience. We also ensure there are no concerns about behaviour, health or performance that could prevent the physician from safely caring for patients. Registration Committee Decisions in 2018 Applications Approved: 1,106 Applications Refused: 28 When an individual applies to the College for registration, the Registrar has the following two options: 1. Register the applicant; or 2. Refer the application to the Registration Committee for its consideration. The referral to the Registration Committee may be made for the following reasons: • The applicant does not fulfill the registration requirements (examinations) set out in the Applications Deferred: 14 Withdrawn: 5 An applicant, who is dissatisfied with the Registration Committee decision may appeal the decision to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB) and may request a written review or an oral hearing. In 2018, 16 applicants appealed the Registration Committee’s decision. None of the applicants were successful in their appeal. CPSO ANNUAL REPORT 2018 // page 8