Annual Report 2018 | Page 6

RIGHT-TOUCH REGULATION In 2018, the College adopted a new approach to performing the work that we do. And in embracing the principles of right-touch regulation, we realized new ways to improve the timeliness, efficiency and effectiveness of our work in 2018. Throughout this report, you will see examples of how right-touch regulation informed – and improved – different aspects of regulation, including investigations, quality assurance and policy development. In evaluating risk, and being proportionate and outcome-focused in our decision-making, right- touch regulation allows us to be more nimble and targeted. We are also better positioned to anticipate and respond to issues of public protection while fostering a stronger sense of professionalism. Our efforts to improve both patient and physician satisfaction with right-touch regulation was key to our success in 2018. We believe that applying the principles of right-touch regulation is fundamental to modernizing medical regulation. Right-touch regulation is based on the premise that regulators should apply the minimum regulatory force necessary to achieve the desired outcome and regulatory intervention should only be used when needed. Its principles affirm that regulation should be proportionate, consistent, targeted, transparent, accountable and agile. “Really great to see @cpso_ca engaging widely, with the public, with physicians, and with others, and reporting the findings of the consultation publicly”. – Stakeholder 2018 Right-Touch Regulation at Work in 2018 Proportionate Changed complaints process to allow proportionate regulatory response Targeted Devoted the most resources to the most serious issues Transparent Redesigned policies to better clarify College expectations Consistent Developed QI/QA tools to ensure entire profession benefits from self-directed learning Agile Submitted recommendations to government to reduce red tape to allow us flexibility within our processes Accountable Posted relevant information about physicians to maintain public trust CPSO ANNUAL REPORT 2018 // page 6