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Jupiter at a Glance JUPITER’S VISION IS... jupiter is a distinctive coastal community committed to preserving its unique character and history and vibrant, small-town feel. Population 61,388 Over the last 10 years, Jupiter’s population has grown 23% 24,915 Households $76,687 Median household income 3,651 Businesses 14,803 Acres of land 2,428 Acres of Natural areas or parks 51% above the state average HOW JUPITER ACHIEVES RESULTS Jupiter’s strategic plan is made up of nine strategic results, each of which represents an area of focus for the Town. Jupiter’s citizen survey, conducted each year, guides updates to the strategic plan and lets Town leaders know how well they are achieving results. This plan guides how Town resources are allocated, so that the financial plan and budget are aligned with the community’s goals. 98% POSITIVE RATING ON JUPITER AS A PLACE TO LIVE 83% POSITIVE RATING ON THE OVERALL ECONOMIC HEALTH OF JUPITER 86% POSITIVE RATING ON THE OVERALL NATURAL ENVIRONMENT IN JUPITER 88% POSITIVE RATING ON THE OVERALL BUILT ENVIRONMENT 79% TOWN COMMUNICATION Support and enhance open 2-way communication between the Town and its residents and businesses. 87% FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY Prepare and manage budget; maintain fiduciary responsibility. 88% ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE Organizational governance; internal support and services. 88% MOBILITY Improved mobility for all modes of transit. 92% SAFETY Keep citizens and businesses safe. UNIQUE, SMALL TOWN FEEL Maintain and enhance our vibrant small town feel by leveraging the unique combination of community, cultural and recreational assets that make Jupiter a special place to live and work. POSITIVE RATING ON PUBLIC INFORMATION EFFORTS STRONG LOCAL ECONOMY Support local businesses, create a business-friendly environment. POSITIVE RATING ON THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY JUPITER GREEN SPACES Continue beautification and natural areas, green spaces, parks, beaches and landscaping. Maintain Jupiter as a distinctive coastal community and natural environment. MANAGE GROWTH Plan for and manage growth, development and redevelopment to maintain Jupiter’s small town feel and its integrity as a distinctive, vibrant coastal community. POSITIVE RATING ON JUPITER’S CUSTOMER SERVICE POSITIVE RATING ON EASE OF TRAVEL POSITIVE RATING ON OVERALL FEELING OF SAFETY IN JUPITER *Percentages reflect the combined responses of “excellent” or “good” Careful fiscal planning has allowed Jupiter to grow in a sustainable way as the community's needs have evolved. A 23% increase in population has resulted in only a 9% increase in the Town’s operating budget over the last 10 years. JUPITER 10 YEAR GROWTH 23 % Population 9 % Operating Budget Sources: Town of Jupiter, 2016/17 Jupiter Citizen Survey, Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, and University of Florida BEBR reports.