Annual Report 2016 | Page 2

MESSAGE FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT T rails Manitoba achieved some significant milestones this year with the culmination of the Border to Beaches initiative. The completion of this project, overseen by a volunteer Board of a not for profit organization is the result of the many hands of our dedicated staff, tireless project management team and an army of volunteers who contributed an immense amount of their personal time. In addition to the completion of the Border to Beaches trail, Trails Manitoba is pleased to announce that the Great Trail in Manitoba is now officially 95% connected with the remainder of the trail to be completed this year. Over the past decade Trails Manitoba has been focused on the connection of the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba. Because this goal is now being realized, it is prudent that we look to the future of Trails Manitoba. This is an exciting time to be a trail enthusiast in Canada. At the Federal level $30 million is being invested in the Trans Canada Trail network across Canada. Plans are in the works related to trails and eco-tourism development in Canada. Trails Manitoba will play an integral role in those plans. Looking back upon the past year, we saw the departure of Chris Hall our Executive Director, but were pleased to welcome Steve Demmings. Steve was able to hit the ground running with the support of our staff and Trails Manitoba Board, and steer the good ship Trails Manitoba on a path to connectivity in time for our Canada Day celebrations. 2016 Board Members Executive Acting President/ Vice President Marissa Zurba Corporate Secretary Gwen Coolidge Treasurer Shirley Hurst Directors Verna Hare Ian Hughes Charles Zant Wayne Arsney Brent Buss Howard Skrypnk Ex Officio: Ann Marie Hayek Lastly, it is with regret that the Trails Manitoba Board bids farewell to one of our long term Board Members; Gwen Coolidge. Gwen joined the Board many years ago as Chair of the Border to Beaches Steering Committee and also served as Secretary of the Board for many years. Gwen’s contribution as a volunteer with Trails Manitoba Board of Directors is greatly appreciated by everyone. Marissa Zurba Annual Report 2016-Trails Manitoba p.2