Annual Report 2012 - Page 8

ANNUAL REPORT 2012 Sponsorship of Art Directors Club Exhibition AmCham Macedonia and US Embassy Skopje jointly sponsored the 90th Exhibition of ART DIRECTORS CLUB - NEW YORK and 9th exhibitions of ADC YOUNG GUNS, which took place in Skopje, from 4-10 September 2012. The exhibition included 70-odd prints of the winning part as guests on the exhibition Design Week in Skopje. AmCham Macedonia and the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia jointly sponsored the 90th Exhibition of the Art Directors Club – New York and its 9th exhibition of ADC YOUNG GUNS, which took place in Skopje, from September 4-10, 2012. The exhibition included roughly 70 prints of the winning projects as part of Skopje Design Week. The prints were then donated to a local school of fine arts. Amcham Advocacy Efforts AmCham’s advocacy activities primarily are initiated by its committees on Intellectual Property Rights, Legal & Tax, Workforce Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) In 2012 the IPR committee met 10 times and involved 11 unique member company representatives, who undertook the following: • Held a presentation at UACS during “Global Week of entrepreneurship”; committee members served as speakers on current IPR topics, answered questions from students and staff about related issues. • Led a nationwide campaign to raise awareness on IPR issues and the need for protection of intellectual property • Hosted an IPR Conference to draw attention to the need of developing and protecting brands in Macedonia. • Obtaining permission from the Bureau of Education Development to introduce basic IPR curriculum developed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) into schools via teacher training, student seminars, special competitions, etc. 8