Annual Report 2012 - Page 7

American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia Charity Thanksgiving Lunch with the Children of the SOS Children’s Village For the second time, AmCham brought the Thanksgiving tradition to the SOS Children’s Village near Skopje by sharing a big lunch with the entire community. A group of children created and presented a short play about the origin of the holiday, delighting the nearly 70 AmCham members, children and caregivers present. In the spirit of the holiday season, the following member companies also donated funds and goods in kind to support the important work of the Village: • • • • • • • • • • • Okta; S&T; Alliance One; Makedonijaturist; Johnson Controls; Skopski Pazar; Cakmakova Advocates; EVN Macedonia; Monevski Law Firm; Eurostandard Bank; and Veropulos. Their generosity made the following projects possible: • Outfitting new SOS Youth House with 1 refrigerator, 2 microwave ovens, 2 vacuum cleaners, 6 Panel heaters • Complete renovation of all 12 kitchens and installation و[H\Y H [Z[\[XH\\YH\^H[YH\\YHو\H܈H][ [H]\HHݚYY]\Y\܈HYX[ ][Z[H[ۘ]YX]XY\܈XXوH[[‚