Annual Report 2012 - Page 5

American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia Business Forum on Women in Corporate Leadership AmCham Macedonia was proud to contribute to the timely and important discussion on the need to increase the participation of women in corporate and business leadership positions in Macedonia with its forum on “Women in Corporate Leadership” featuring one of the world's leading experts in the field of women's enterprise development and entrepreneurship, Ms. Julie Weeks. The panel discussion also featured four Macedonian business leaders: Ms. Liza Popovska, CFO – Pivara Skopje AD; Ms. Verica Hadzi Vasileva Markovska, Owner of Analysis and Advisory Group and President of the National Institute of Directors; Ms. Venera Novakovska, Owner of Nova International Schools; and Ms. Aleksandra Dilevska, Director of Publicis. All panelists shared their knowledge and opinions on the status of women in the corporate sector in Macedonia and the concept of female leadership, while at the same time contributing to raising awareness on this important issue. The session also provided a unique networking opportunity for its roughly 50 participants.   Board Strategy Session AmCham Macedonia’s Board of Directors has always served as a model in the country for volunteerism, cooperation and engagement in the non-profit sphere. An important new development this year was the Board’s closure and review of our first 3 year strategy (20102012), as well as the adoption of a strategy for the 2013-15 period. In order to develop a workable strategy for the future, the Board gathered for an all day off-site session in mid-November 2012 to more clearly define the organization, review membership trends and finally make a plan for the future. The result, which will be formally presented to members at the included in Annex 1 of this report. 2013 General Assembly, is 5