Annual Report 2012 - Page 27

American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia Annex 2: Memorandum of Understanding between AmCham Macedonia and “October 11th” Orphanage for the 2013 Life Skills Program Toward improving the chances for future employment of orphans in Macedonia, the American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia (AmCham) and the “11.Oktomvri” Orphanage have designed and agreed to implement the program detailed in this MOU. Program description The Employability and Life Skills Program will consist of: • Free courses taught by volunteer instructors who work in AmCham member companies • Internship opportunities in AmCham member companies. By engaging business people as instructors, the program will ensure a practical approach focused on life skills needed in their future workplace. It is important to note that these volunteers are not professional instructors, thus these courses are not meant to replace instruction offered by formal educational institutions. If the program proves successful and useful to participants, the plan is to repeat the program on a continuing basis to allow each student to participate fully in all of the offered activities. Depending on interest and volunteer availability, some courses may be added, changed or cancelled year to year. MOU Party Commitments “October 11th” Orphanage will supply: • An initial list of students (no names required) aged 13-18 who are willing and able to participate in the program. This list should include the following details: o Their current age and area of study o Which of the following courses would be most useful and relevant for them (as assessed by qualified “11.Oktomvri” staff in cooperation with the student) - - - - - - Career planning/goal setting Personal financial management English language Public speaking/presentation skills Teamwork Basic computer skills (Microsoft Office, touch typing?) 27