Annual Report 2012 - Page 25

American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia 3. Local companies representing international brands (U.S. first, then others) 4. Maintain a new member pipeline for review at each BOD meeting including 1 volunteer BOD member for each targeted company. This list will include companies that are preapproved for membership in order to smooth the application process. 5. Emphasize the international nature of the Chamber (as opposed to the exclusively American) 6. Invite non-members to observe committees for up to 1 year before deciding to join Events & Committees 1. Toward improving AmCham events, AmCham should: a. Collect standardized attendee satisfaction feedback b. Ensure alignment with key messages c. Open to general public (where appropriate) d. Capitalize on its strong partnership with the U.S. embassy can help us attract (and afford) interesting speakers, increase presence beyond Skopje (American Corners) and deliver unique training opportunities e. Emphasize (and build) our regional network by promoting relevant neighboring AmCham events and vice-versa 2. 3 committees should be maintained at all times in line with committee guidelines. a. One BOD member will provide committee oversight, as needed, to ensure alignment and mitigate potential risks (2012-13 – WFD: Popovska, IPR: Plavjanski, L&T: Marchev, CSR: Hengst) Communications 1. Develop a communications strategy to raise visibility, particularly among business elite. Consider engaging a PR agency 2. Our magazine should: a. focus on priority issues, literally providing a voice to our key member profile (international business working here) b. Hard copy distribution should be expanded to 1000 copies and include member pipeline list, all major hotels in the country, local business/economics schools c. Be easier to read/search online d. Be tracked to determine readership level at least on e-version 25