Annual Report 2012 - Page 24

ANNUAL REPORT 2012 Annex 1: AmCham Macedonia Strategy (2013-2015) Mission: To be the leading voice of international business in Macedonia promoting the global competitiveness of its economy through advocacy and events as well as implementing best practices. Vision: Macedonia as a fully-integrated and competitive member of the global economy. Issues & Approach In the planning period, AmCham Macedonia efforts will center on the following issues: 1. Ensure the business-relevance of higher education programs and ease current restrictions on internships 2. Modernize and simplify expat staff and consulting immigration/engagement policies 3. Protection of IPRs 4. Improve the clarity of corporate tax law as well as the predictability of its implementation 5. Simplify Company law and its related procedures 6. Advance the state of companies’ engagement in and commitment to CSR 7. Promote progressive HR practices (e.g., women in corporate leadership, improve employee safety and health) These can be summarized into 3 high-level themes as follows: human capital, rule of law and local company competitiveness. Toward amplifying the impact of our efforts, AmCham should: • Inform and involve the other major foreign chambers working in the country (e.g., European Business Association, German, Dutch) • Participate in relevant national bodies or working groups that touch on these issues (at least as an observer) • Leverage other AmChams in the region, particularly the work of their corresponding committees Membership 1. Maintain at least 100 members 2. Focus membership growth efforts on: a. Foreign investments in Macedonia starting with the largest to the smallest b. Local companies that are exporting, largest to smallest 24