Annual Report 2012 - Page 13

American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia Executive Office Operations In addition to organizing events, supporting committee initiatives, overall communications and organizing Board meetings, the Executive Office maintains relationships with other AmChams in the region, the U.S. embassy in Macedonia and a variety of other institutions and organizations. Below are some of the many activities undertaken during 2012 to foster these relationships and increase the value AmCham Macedonia offers its members. AmCham EU Brussels Briefing for AmChams in Europe Members In March, two representatives of the Executive Office have attended the AmCham EU 9th Brussels Policy Briefing for AmChams in Europe. The briefing included over 30 representatives from 19 AmChams in a packed three-day programme, including: • a private lunch with The Hon. William Kennard, US Ambassador to the EU, who emphasised the importance and power of collaboration between AmChams, and aptly set the tone for the rest of the week to come. • Joe Quinlan gave the AmChams in Europe (ACE) delegates a brilliant presentation on the initial findings of the ‘Case for Investing in Europe’ report that has been commissioned by ACE it [8(HH\و]\X[[Z\[ۈٙXX[[YH[[Hܛ\X]\[\U[]\]H\][ۋH]\HوH[HX\] [H]\X[XۛZXܚ\\ˈ8(HH[][XXۛZX[][ۜ[[]XZ\HHT[X\و[Y\K[][X\[\X[YH[[P[HUKو[P[HUx&\[[[܈^X]]HY[X\8(HZZY[YH \Y[SQPKTH[X\[X[ ؘ[XYو]YKX[\JH\X\]Y[[[\X]H[XH\\[ۈ]H[P[\\HH\[\\X]HۈH]\X[Xۛ^H[HZ\و[P[HUK[Z\[\ JK\[YۈH L]\X[[Z\[ۈ[ܚ]Y\ˈ8(HHܚ[[]ؙ\ܛX][\Xܙ]\H܈XۛZXܛ [\H[H[\ۛY[ T\\Y[و]K]\HT]H\\Y[ؘ[\[\ۙ\[H[XX\H[\[ۈ8(HH[][Xۙ\[Hۈ8&H[]Y[][XY[x&Hۈ X\][H[][XXۛ^H L\ܝ \H\H^[[[[\\[ۜ[[\\[]]\HH[[ ]\X[[Z\[ۋT[\[\\[\YX\H\]Z[[]\X[[Z\[ۙ\܈YH\[HX UH[X\Y܈HT[[HH[YZYH[ݙ\܈]]Z[و[[\˂L‚