Annual Report 2012 - Page 12

ANNUAL REPORT 2012 features all of our publications, photos and information on our past and upcoming events as well as news on our committees. In 2012, 7,908 people visited our site. 55, 4% were new visitors and 44,6% were returning visitors. Most of the visitors are from Macedonia, but also people from the region and USA, UK, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium. AmCham MACEDONIA website electronic newsletters each week to approximately 1000 contacts, including all members and key AmCham partner network, including political and press contacts. This streamlined, easy-to-readthrough one-page gives a quick update on events, news, business offers, committee news and activities and more. In 2012, we distributed more than 40 e-Newsletters. AmCham Macedonia distributes Board Meetings The AmCham Board of Directors held a total of 9 Board meetings throughout meetings focused on the following issues: • Oversight of committee activities; • Executive office staff performance incentives; • Event planning and assessment; • Dues collection and financial management, 2011 audit; • Member issues; • Advocacy initiatives; • Selection of new Executive Director to begin summer 2012; • Cancellation of the Policy and Communication Manager position; • Adoption of the Amcham Board Member Commitment; • Review and adoption of updated Amcham’s vision, mission, 2013-15 strategy and 2013 work plan; • New member recruitment; and • Cooperation with other similar organizations. 2012. These • Creation of a new AmCham position: Policy and Communication Manager; 12