Annual Report 2012 - Page 10

ANNUAL REPORT 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility In 2012, the Corporate Social Responsibility committee met 7 times and involved 11 member company representatives. • Held a workshop for members on “Use of Social Media in the CSR” • Participated in meetings on the Law on donations and sponsorships in the public activities with Ministry of Labor and Social Policy representatives, USAID project representatives, other NGO community members. • Developed and signed a Memorandum of Understanding between AmCham Macedonia and “October 11th” Orphanage for the 2013 Life Skills Program (full text contained in Annex 2 of this report) Legal & Tax In 2012 the Legal and Tax committee met 6 times and involved 10 member company representatives. • Submitted a letter to the attention of The Legal Commission at the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia with a copy to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia on proposed amendments to the Macedonian Company Law. The letter drew lawmakers’ attention to certain important consequences of some of the proposed amendments on interested party transactions. The letter argued that the amendments could significantly burden the activity of the joint-stock and limited liability companies, which are the vast majority of business entities operating in Macedonia. • Held a follow up meeting with the Vice President of the Legal Commission requesting that the language be improved to better express the intent of lawmakers, given that the draft language could be interpreted in a variety of ways. • Signed a contract with the OECD to t ɅͱєѡȁQɅ͙ȁAɥե́ȁ5ձѥѥѕɥ͕́QɅѥ́Ѽ5((((0