Annual Impact Report 2018 AnnualReport2018 - Page 7

EXPERT CARE AND SUPPORT In 2018, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation served more patients than ever across all levels of care, with the most dramatic growth—a 28 percent increase over 2017—in outpatient treatment programs. Expanding outpatient capacity has been a major strategic goal in our efforts to reach and help more people, especially adolescents, young adults and their families. Through the generosity of Debby and Tim McKenna and other transformative donors who have supported major expansions at our St. Paul and Plymouth, Minnesota, and San Diego, California treatment centers, teens and young adults have greater access to lifesaving care and recovery support. We’ve seen demand for outpatient programs increase significantly in recent years, due in part to health care reform requiring parity insurance coverage for addiction treatment. Outpatient care can be the only feasible option for people who have the motivation to get sober but can’t take leave from work, disrupt school attendance or step away from other responsibilities in order to participate in residential treatment. Outpatient programs have also become an important “next step” for patients transitioning out of residential care, especially patients with opioid use disorder who benefit from more intensive case management and extended recovery support. Our patients often describe outpatient care as having one foot in the real world and one foot in treatment. That means cravings and relapse triggers happen under real-world conditions—at home, while socializing with friends, after a rough day at the office or when driving by the liquor store. It also means patients have the opportunity to work through these challenges of early recovery with the guidance of a counselor and the support of treatment peers. We understand that addiction doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does recovery. Patient-centered treatment is about ensuring that every person who comes to us for help has the care, support, structure and time to get into healthy recovery. WHY WE Give All of the warning signs were there, but when addiction hit our family, we couldn’t believe it was happening to us. We felt helpless, lost and terrified. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Hazelden saved us, not only in terms of providing expert addiction treatment but also in keeping our family together through it all—and stronger for the experience. — TIM AND DEBBY MCKENNA ▪ 3