Annual Impact Report 2018 AnnualReport2018 - Page 13

Supported primarily through the generosity of donors, the Children’s Program helped nearly 1,600 kids heal and thrive in 2018, continuing Betty Ford’s legacy of providing compassionate care for youngsters who grow up in families with addiction. Nearly $1 million in scholarships were awarded to participants of our Summer Institute for Medical Students program representing 115 medical schools worldwide and to aspiring counselors at the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies through the generosity of donors. Sarge, an Australian Labradoodle, joined the staff at Hazelden Betty Ford’s center for adolescents and young adults in 2018, becoming the seventh dog in our animal- assisted program nationwide, which is funded entirely by generous donors and foundations. More than 20,000 people tuned into our Let’s Talk Addiction & Recovery podcasts in 2018. The interview-style series explores trends, topics, challenges and research. Nearly 1.9 million K-12, college, graduate and medical school students were educated by our experts about the disease of addiction. ▪ 9