Annual Impact Report 2018 AnnualReport2018 - Page 11

MOBILIZING COMMUNITIES HOPE 2018 events held in Oregon, Minnesota and Florida drew community leaders together with local, state and national experts in addiction treatment, health care, education and law enforcement to frame up action plans to address the opioid epidemic. Organized by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in partnership with sponsor organizations and donor support, the one-day HOPE 2018 events went a step beyond town hall forums or other community awareness gatherings. With a focus on emerging solutions, best practices, innovative thinking and lessons learned in other cities and states, participants worked together to chart a course forward for their communities. Through the generous support and active involvement of Ann B. Highet and other HOPE 2018 donors, communities are forging new partnerships and finding new ways to make inroads against addiction. Oregon Governor Kate Brown delivered opening remarks at Portland’s HOPE 2018 event, held on August 16. Earlier in the year, Governor Brown had declared addiction a public health crisis and issued an executive order directing state agencies to develop a strategic plan to reduce addiction rates and increase recovery rates. Portland HOPE 2018 participants also heard from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s chief medical officer, Marvin D. Seppala, MD, and other state and national treatment and recovery experts who shared blueprints for effecting change and innovation. Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation leaders challenged policymakers and community organizers to think beyond the opioid epidemic at hand and develop solutions to address the endemic problem of addiction. Increasing access to quality addiction treatment and improving long-term recovery rates must be our ultimate goals, urged Dr. Seppala. “We need to build a better treatment infrastructure and cultivate communities where recovery can thrive.” WHY I Give I’ve found it profoundly fulfilling to be involved with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, whether through my efforts, my dollars or my conversations. What an inspiration to see the dedication and compassion of employees and volunteers who all, at the end of the day, simply want to help people. That, to me, is life’s highest calling, and I’m grateful for every opportunity to lend my wholehearted support. — ANN B. HIGHET ▪ 7