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EUROMEDIA 2015 angacom_anga 29/05/2015 15:16 Page 1 PrimaCom CEO: ‘Scale essential in cable business’ oachim Grendel, CEO of Germany’s fourthlargest cable MSO PrimaCom, has suggested his company will take a leading role in market consolidation, arguing that scale is essential in cable business. Grendel made his comments during a panel discussion of the Telecom Executive Circle in Frankfurt, suggesting there will only be a handful of operators in the future. “Cable is a scale business; we will in five years see significantly fewer providers in the market than today,” he declared, drawing attention to cable’s Internet bandwidth advantages. J “From today, 150 Mbps; in the next few years we’ll move towards 400 to 500 Mbps speed. We have an exciting time ahead of us - for the copper cable on the other hand it will be difficult.” Grendel pointed to a “dramatic increase” in household bandwidth needs. “We now expect a doubling in eight, nine months.” PrimaCom’s hybrid fibre Migration to DOCSIS 3.1 doesn’t have to be an upstream battle OFDM RFoG R HFC Upgrades HFC Upgrades network currently provides access to over 1.2m connected households. Grendel criticised the German government’s broadband subsidy policies, which he argued led to an absurd situation. “With tax money, operators and also local municipalities are not building fibre networks in less densely-populated areas (which the subsidies are actually meant for), but are overbuilding fibre in areas where fibre already exists. So you end up with cities like Munich, where four fibre broadband operators are competing against each other, ultimately ruining margins.” T h e Ve r if ica t io n Exp e r t s Booth # L31, Hall 10.2 | Booth