Ang Kalatas May 2016

Duterte readies for takeover Duterte: 38.5%; Roxas: 23.5%; Poe: 21%; Binay: 12.9%; Santago: 3.4% 4% UNOFFICIAL NATIONAL TALLY: COMELEC: (AS OF 12/05/16) MAY 2016 | | [email protected] | | +angkalatas | @angkalatas ‘Digong is my president’ FEDERAL S ELECTION 2 SET JULY NINA Nunez of Sydney proudly displays her Duterte shirt. Nina who originally hails from Bulacan says she’s a full-blooded Duterte follower. She is seen here as one of the volunteers who joined the big crowd at the ‘Picnic for Duterte’ organised by the DDS Sydney movement. The picnic was held at the Hicksons Reserve near the Sydney Opera House a week before the May 9th national elections. “I believe in him… siya na talaga,” Nina says of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. Close to 45% of the votes cast by overseas absentee voters in NSW went to Duterte. A tightly watched contest Is it Leni or Bongbong? Full story page 04 Do Filipinos really want change? Full story page 06 Photo: DARRYL O'BRIEN