Ang Kalatas April 2018 Issue

THE Filipino and Irish deep love of music and dance has been well recognised across the world, and they have come together in an attractive package born in Australia: Catherine Bartolome Thompson. Now popularly known as ‘Cat’ Thompson, she’s an urban artist who can dance as well as she sings, and writes most of her music. She released her latest single ‘Be Mine’ early this year, and it has been on the music charts and played at music bars across the USA, Europe, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, and Australia. It must come naturally for Cat, a product of two distinct cultures from opposite sides of the world that share the distinction of having music and dance embedded in their DNA. Her mother Leila is from the Philippines, where almost every Pepe and Pilar can sing and dance. Cat’s father Bernard is from Northern Ireland, where song and dance are almost an Irish birthright. Full story on page 03 Embedded in her DNA twice over