AMNYTT 4/2020 - Page 129

Efficient wiring Reduce your wiring effort signifi cantly. Push-in Technology enables quick and tool-free wiring with easy insertion. COMPLETE line features product solutions with Push-in connection for every application. Moreover, a large range of products have uniform function shafts for fast and tailored potential distribution. These enable the consistent use of FBD plug-in bridges, which replace conventional wiring. Digital production documents The PROJECT complete planning and marking software supplies all the information you require for terminal strip production: either as a digital production document for manually mounting the terminal strip or as an export in the AutomationML format – for controlling the fully automated production systems of your terminal strip production process. Professional tools Preparing conductors and wiring are two of the most time-consuming processes in control cabinet manufacturing. To enable these processes to be perfectly organized, COMPLETE line provides high-quality tools that are perfectly tailored to the individual requirements of the user. From ergonomic hand tools through to high-performance automatic devices for processing large-scale material quantities, the TOOL fox range of tools covers all requirements. Flexible marking Consistent industrial identifi cation ensures structure and orientation in the control cabinet. COMPLETE line provides a scalable system comprising printers, marking materials, and software. The uniform marking grooves on the COMPLETE line products enable more than 3,200 different products to be marked using standard marking materials. Benefi t from the reduced variety of parts and uniform handling. Global terminal strip service Our terminal strip production service provides help in fl exibly managing order peaks and enables terminal strips to be delivered just in time for series production. The fully mounted and marked terminal strips, readyassembled with accessories, just need to be installed and connected. Scalable manufacturing solutions With the ClipX operator assistant systems, you can design tailored installation processes. The program provides assistance systems for partially automated, software-supported conductor preparation and a pick-by-light mounting system for assembling DIN rails with components fi tted. Automate the marking of assembled DIN rails with the MARK master marking system. PHOENIX CONTACT 39