AMNYTT 4/2020 - Page 120

Connectivity Products from the COMPLETE line portfolio guarantee reliable electrical connections for all devices in the control cabinet. High-performance high-current terminal blocks are ideal for the supply of power (Example 1). From versatile distribution blocks through to compact feed-through terminal blocks, COMPLETE line has the right potential distribution solution for every application (Example 2). Make compact connections to your consumers in the fi eld with space-saving motor terminals. Moreover, customizable panel feed-throughs create a fl exible external interface (Example 3). Marshalling terminals are primarily used in the fi eld of signal transmission. Here, suitable disconnect terminal blocks and knife disconnect terminal blocks ensure the necessary safety (Example 4). Special sensor/actuator terminal blocks are ideal for particularly space-saving sensor and actuator wiring (Example 5). Power Reliability Load switching Signal conditioning Control Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5 Potential distribution B Marshalling D High-power connection A Drive & load connection C Disconnect & test C I/O connection E Wall feed-through F Part of this functional area One-to-one connection Other functional area Network connection 30 PHOENIX CONTACT