AMNYTT 4/2020 - Page 112

Signal conditioning COMPLETE line features secure and reliable solutions for connecting the controller to the fi eld. System cabling minimizes the wiring effort between the controller and the fi eld, with preassembled and tested cables. The 6 mm wide relay plates perform the role of digital I/O signal conditioning (Example 1). A comprehensive range of converters and signal conditioners is available for the error-free transmission of analog signals (Example 2). Surge protection modules specially developed for MCR applications guarantee availability, even in harsh conditions. Signal conditioners with bus and network connection transmit fi eld signals securely in industrial networks (Example 3). Control Control Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 System cabling A Analog signal conditioning C Network interface E Digital signal conditioning B Surge protection D Analog signal conditioning C Connectivity Part of this functional area One-to-one connection Other functional area Network connection 22 PHOENIX CONTACT