AMNYTT 4/2020 - Page 110

Signal conditioning Whether your application requires switching, isolating, monitoring, amplifi cation, or multiplying, our broad product range for signal conditioning satisfi es all demands. COMPLETE line provides everything from universal relay systems for standard applications to highly compact relay modules as interfaces for control, through to signal conditioners with or without network connection. Moreover, the range includes solutions in the field of functional safety and explosion protection for interference-free signal transmission. Programmable logic relays for every application The PLC logic relay system is the fi rst to combine logic, interface, and fi eld connection levels in a single solution. Switch and control I/O signals with just one compact system and combine the logic module with the corresponding relay and analog modules. The PLC-INTERFACE relay system is the high-performance interface between the controller and system I/O devices. The PLC-INTERFACE system features a comprehensive range of ultra-narrow, plug-in relays and solid-state relays, as well as sensor/actuator versions, switch modules, and fi lter series for special applications. The PLC-INTERFACE plus system cabling enables fast plug-in connection of the controllers and peripherals. 20 PHOENIX CONTACT