AMNYTT 4/2020 - Page 101

A B C Control level High-performance controllers (Remote Field Controllers) enable you to realize automation applications with special safety or availability requirements. For applications with PLCnext Technology with stringent safety requirements, you should use our safety controller up to SIL 3 to be on the safe side. Redundant control systems help you to reduce downtimes, work cost-effectively, and avoid potential dangers. Controller for modular extension PLCnext Control devices are the fi rst PLCs to be available for the open PLCnext Technology automation platform. They enable automation projects to be implemented without the limitations of proprietary systems. You can connect directly to the Profi cloud and integrate customized cloud services and future technologies. Programmable logic relay system On the logic module market, the PLC logic relay system is the fi rst to combine logic, interface, and fi eld connection levels in a single solution. You can use it to switch and control I/O signals in one compact system. You can combine the new PLC logic module with the corresponding plug-in relays as required. The modular structure enables a wide range of possible applications. D E F Modular automation system Controllers, bus couplers, and I/O modules – Phoenix Contact has an automation system with a modular design for every requirement. Benefi t from the advantages of PLCnext Technology, conventional controllers, or a remote I/O solution for various networks. Implement simple to complex solutions using the diverse portfolio of I/Os. System cabling As machinery and systems become increasingly complex, so to is the wiring effort for the individual components in an automation system. Phoenix Contact system cabling provides compact solutions that enable easy planning, mounting, and commissioning. This reduces the wiring effort to a minimum, regardless of which controller you use in your application. HMIs HMIs are the keys to efficiently operating and monitoring your systems and machines. From the mobile tablet PC for fi eld operation to complex visualization concepts for extensive automation systems – COMPLETE line provides you with the right solution for your application. PHOENIX CONTACT 11