AMNYTT 5/2020 - Page 91

PIONEERS Does craftsmanship still have a future in a digitalized world? Interview: 36 Rope access workers are experts with unusual workplaces 20 Field test – tools put to the test 28 Phoenix Contact sets standards in the field of training 32 INDUSTRIAL CLIMBERS Attached You should not be afraid of heights, daredevilry is frowned upon – and a patch brings rope access workers, wind turbine generators, and Phoenix Contact together | 20 TOOLS IN PRACTICE The trick with the click Crimping tools from Sweden, made by Phoenix Contact, tested in the field | 28 TRAINING AND EDUCATION Skilled hands can mine gold anywhere The apprentice workshop is the heart of the modern Training Center at the Schieder location. We peek over the shoulder of a trainee | 32 INTERVIEW Craftsmanship is irreplaceable Professor Dr. Gunther Olesch on the importance of craftsmanship at Phoenix Contact, the digital company. And why prizes and portals secure young talent | 36 Editorial | 03 From the industry | 06 Behind the scenes | 40 Legal information | 43 Preview | 43 The Phoenix Contact innovation magazine UPDATE 5/20 5