AMNYTT 5/2020 - Page 88

CRAFT – FACTS AND FIGURES General 5.53 million 36,833 612 billion employees in the craft trades in Germany (2018), which is: trainees in craft trades in Germany (2018), which is: of all employees 12% in Germany 28% of all trainees in Germany sales in Germany in Euros (2018) 1,001,748 companies in Germany, of which 60,100 are in the electrical engineering sector (2018) Records 783.81 kg the weight of the largest pretzel in the world, baked in Spain in 2015 (8.93 x 4.06 m) 700,000 the number of coffins made by the Austrian carpenter Herbert Wehner over 30 years 578 AD the year the oldest company in the world was founded in Japan: Construction company Kongo Gumi (insolvent in 2007) Roofing nightmare: 923 the number of tiles smashed by British Lisa Dennis in one minute Oldest craft in the world: 12,000 year-old baskets were found in dry areas of the Middle East, woven from thin wooden branches German craftsmen – facts and figures … 24 ... the number of cigarettes smoked per second 24 ... the length of pipe laid in meters per second 2 18,000 … the turnover achieved in Euros per second UPDATE 5/20 294 ... the amount of paint applied in liters per second The Phoenix Contact innovation magazine 20% 10% 0% Portion of all households that are smart homes Germany 11.7% The Netherlands 16.0% Denmark 18.4%