AMNYTT 5/2020 - Page 116

Just the right place to take a closer look at two pairs of pliers from Phoenix Contact. This is because the the fact that Phoenix Contact has much more than just terminal blocks and other well-known products in its range, but also manufactures and sells its own tools, is often new even to experienced professionals from industry and trade. The “Crimpfox Duo 10” and the “Wirefox 10” were therefore packed up and handed over to the Bielefeld company for a 14-day endurance test. For two weeks, the set of crimping and stripping pliers accompanied installers and then were critically assessed. On the construction site, everything is equal at the outset. And against the top dogs of the tool industry, newcomers traditionally have a hard time, especially in the trades. In practice A good two weeks later, Julius Stückemann clicks the rotating die of the Crimpfox Duo 10 back and forth. The 28-year-old future company boss, who will share his task with his brother Heinrich, is also responsible for marketing at Stückemann. But the smart young entrepreneur is also at home in the workshop and on the construction site, as he demonstrates at the apprentice workbench. He quickly snatches up a few cables, sets the pliers in the right light, and then demonstrates what his colleagues experienced “in the wild” with the elegant Swedish pliers. “Although the Wirefox 10 stripping pliers are not a groundbreaking new invention, they impressed our employees with their excellent handling and the convenient and rapid stripping-length adjustment function. However, it is almost too good to lie around in the dust and dirt inside a toolbag waiting to be used – our technicians would expect problems with the mechanics in the long run. The Crimpfox is altogether different. It impressed everyone. It quickly became clear to us that it would only be underutilized when used on standard construction sites in new buildings. But my colleagues had to work on new installations in older plants several times. Wherever the wiring in a control cabinet has to be changed from old to new, you often have the problem that the old cables are very short. The swiveling crimping die is a fantastic solution to this problem.” However, Stückemann does have one line of criticism. “Some of my colleagues would have liked the pliers to crimp up to 16 mm 2 , but they only work up to a cable cross-section of 10 mm 2 . This is sometimes not enough.” However, Julius Stückemann and his colleagues did not want to return the two pairs of pliers. “These are staying stay here!” Which is probably the best compliment of all for the steel Swedes from Älvdalen. (lo) • “The swiveling trick is genius, especially when working in and on old installations.” Julius Stückemann, ITS Stückemann Smooth workflow thanks to good tools – just how professionals like to work 30 UPDATE 5/20 The Phoenix Contact innovation magazine