AMNYTT 5/2020 - Page 114

TOOL TEST 90 degrees from Sweden This article will be of particular interest to those who were not yet aware that Phoenix Contact also manufactures hand tools. This is because we are not only looking at the Scandinavian place of origin, but also at the performance of the metal Swedish snippers. We put the Crimpfox Duo 10 to the test with a practitioner. Julius Stückemann has taken on the two pairs of pliers Click, click, and click again – Julius Stückemann is fascinated. The junior boss of the traditional Bielefeld company ITS Stückemann turns the die of the Swedish Crimpfox Duo 10 by 90 degrees again and again. “This is really ingenious, we have never seen anything like this on other crimping tools before.” This will not be the only praise uttered by experts during this tool test. Swedish steel for the control cabinet The Crimpfox Duo 10 is made in Älvdalen in Sweden – the headquarters of the toolmaker Pressmaster. The Norsemen have been manufacturing pioneering precision tools, especially for the electrical trade, here in the heart of Sweden since 1976. As early as 1973, the C-Frame, the world’s first modern crimping tool with ratchet mechanism, was invented and patented, at that time still in Stockholm. In 1975, Pressmaster went one step further and developed the self-adjusting stripping tool. The Pressmaster Tool production facility was then opened in Älvdalen in 1976. 28 UPDATE 5/20 The Phoenix Contact innovation magazine