AMNYTT 5/2020 - Page 111

on the head by lumps of ash in a waste incineration plant because safety measures were neglected there. Wherever work is done too fast, wherever downtime is not accepted and safety is not a priority, it can become dangerous. And in our job, mistakes will end fatally,” he adds while looking at his colleague at the top of the blade. “But that doesn’t happen in the wind industry, because here safety really is given high priority.” We have our pictures taken and the story in our heads. The cold slowly creeps through the soles of our shoes. It is pitch-black in the forest, while at around 120 meters up on the rotor blade, the lonely climber is the only one moving, illuminating inating his workplace with his powerful helmet lamp. And although we know he is well secured, we are full of respect for the performance of the two rope access experts. Skilled work above a black abyss – a job for people with strong nerves. (lo) • Further images, links, and info: update.phoenixcontact.comcom All-inclusive on the blade Ice detection systems are necessary to satisfy regulatory requirements aimed at minimizing the risk of ice being thrown from wind turbine generators (WTGs). Such an ice detection system detects the build-up of ice in all WTG operating states. Messages are only issued and the system stopped if there is actually ice on the rotor blades. Unnecessary shutdowns are avoided, while availability and yield are optimized. The ID-S ice detection system from Phoenix Contact t uses energy-autonomous wireless sensors that directly measure the thickness of the ice layer. The heart of the system is the central evaluation unit, which is based on a PLCnext Technology controller. No data exchange with the WTG controller, easy to install sensor technology – ID-S is therefore ideally suited for retrofitting ing on existing wind turbine generators. Thanks to a well-trained partner network of industrial climbers, Phoenix Contact offers WTG operators an “all-inclusive l-inclusive carefree package” including installation on the wind turbine generator. 25