AMNYTT 5/2020 - Page 109

The motor-driven cable winch is indispensable for the long ascent “It only becomes dangerous for us when the client puts pressure on us and safety is neglected.” Selvin Keller Selvin Keller is the Managing Director of Rope Ventum rope access installers listen attentively. Then it’s off to work; that is to say, up into the air. Liebmann stows working materials and ice sensors in a robust box that also hangs from the harness. The hindquarters workbench, so to speak. Then, a rattling petrol engine is started by a cable pull. But instead of powering a lawn mower or chain saw, the motorized propulsion is used to gain height. This is because the motor powers a machine that works its way up the rope, carrying the climber to his lofty workplace at a height of more than 100 meters. While the “climbing moped” reliably tows Liebmann and his equipment upward, Keller safeguards his colleague and keeps in contact over the radio. Dusk begins to fall. This is not a problem for the two professionals. “We have flashlights with us, after all.” Lines of worry only begin to appear on Keller and his colleague’s brows when the weather à The Phoenix Contact innovation magazine UPDATE 5/20 23