AMNYTT 5/2020 - Page 105

The system diversity and product range for smart homes are enormous “Otherwise, you’re just building an old building.” Stephan Christmann can hardly imagine life without a smart home. The iPhone breakthrough While the purely commercial relationship is handled by the wholesaler Sonepar, the Phoenix Contact field service team provides technical support. Which is needed quite often, since Christmann is always on the lookout for new innovations that he can offer to his clients. “The ability to remotely control and monitor a house using an iPhone was the decisive breakthrough in the smart home sector,” Stephan Christmann explains. “As a result, we are also equipping some high-end properties in classic vacation areas. This means that my customers can keep an eye on their properties at all times.” An early-morning 6 o’clock flight to Mallorca is as natural for the team as a trip in the company car elsewhere. “Despite everything, we are still craftsmen. Cables need to be drawn, sockets need to be installed, and the lighting Command tone – language is also gaining ground in the smart home needs to be connected. Our hands will get dirty sometimes – programming alone is not enough.” Because of this, Stephan Christmann and his team will always remain firmly rooted in the realm of craftsmanship – even though they are easily on par with industrial building automation companies when it comes to innovation. (lo) • The Phoenix Contact innovation magazine UPDATE 5/20 19