AMNYTT 5/2020 - Page 103

That Christmann is not a “normal” electrician becomes clear when you open the door to his office and showrooms. This is because Stephan Christmann has specialized in the installation and commissioning of smart home applications. Intelligent door openers with finger scan, heating and roller shutter control, light and security – even integrating e-mobility applications, solar systems, and voice control is possible. No off-the-shelf offers. “My customers are mainly from the Rhine-Main area,” explains the craft entrepreneur in conversation. “In many cases, they have a certain amount of purchasing power, because intelligent building technology has its price.” But anyone who is looking to the future and also places great importance on security and comfort is planning a house with smart home technology. “Otherwise you’re just building an old building,” adds Christmann whimsically. The 46-year-old and his nine employees have committed themselves to building automation and systems technology, energy management, conference room technology, and intelligent living. But how did the likeable entrepreneur come across this very special niche? Old craftsman of the umpteenth generation who wanted to try something new? Christmann laughs, “No, not at all. Our company has only been around for nine years. Before I started, I was responsible for planning and project management in the field of energy and building management in an industrial park for a good 19 years.” The first time with Phoenix Contact Stephan Christmann’s professional career began in the classic way in the electrical trade. After his apprenticeship and journeyman’s years, he transitioned into the industrial environment in 2005. “This was also the first time I had to deal with products from Phoenix Contact.” Along with his tasks in building automation, his knowledge of suitable products also grew. à Stephan Christmann focuses on personal advice for his clients The Phoenix Contact innovation magazine UPDATE 5/20 17