AMNYTT 5/2020 - Page 101

Shop floor colleagues 9 Status January 2013 142 Status April 2020 The early beginnings of e-mobility: 12 workstations, a low number of versions, a great deal of team spirit Team spirit You need very special employees to do this. “It takes months of training here before a colleague can assemble their first connector. We have extremely experienced professionals from all kinds of trades working in production, from automotive mechatronics technicians to carpenters. Their technical understanding is a part of the production. Sometimes colleagues sit there on their own accord until late in the evening and work on suggestions for improvement that can then help us to move forward.” Not without pride, Finken explains that “What distinguishes everyone here is the will to improve themselves, their constant desire to learn. A High Power Charging connector consists of more than 150 individual parts. They have to know them like the back of their hand first of all. And in production, there is also a certain amount of physical resilience necessary to handle the heavy cables. At the time of the spin-off, the decision-makers – the Executive Board – were still concerned about the potential of this new family of items and the whole subject of e-mobility. Our Executive Board has demonstrated entrepreneurial foresight and courage by supporting this subsidiary. Today, we benefit from a mixture of having a strong company behind us and organizational independence – and therefore, technological speed. This distinguishes us from competitors on the market who are many times bigger than us. Short paths, an innovative company structure, well-known suppliers within our own group – who else can print out a sample of a High Power Charging connector overnight? We have long since ceased to be regarded as the newcomers from the sticks; we are now a supplier and contact point for all of the big players in the industry on an equal footing, both on the automotive side and in the field of charging infrastructure. But cable preparation is, and will remain, and despite all the aids and fixtures, a manufactory production process with a great deal of precise skilled work.” (lo) • The Phoenix Contact innovation magazine UPDATE 5/20 15