AMNYTT 2/2021 - Page 109

Mastering any challenge
Simply plug in once for a secure connection : Experience simple power distribution in the field with the IPD pluggable installation system . With device-side Push-in connection and field-side Push-Lock connection , you can install connectors and panel feed-throughs quickly and easily . The fast-locking system guarantees easy and reliable mounting , even in particularly difficult installation situations . You can realize wire-to-wire connections easily with male and female connector versions .
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Time-saving installation
The Push-Lock connection of the connectors allows the easy , time-saving installation of flexible and rigid conductors . The terminal points are opened and closed easily using the lever .
Easy device connection
IPD panel feed-throughs with Push-in connection allow tool-free assembly with the direct connection of pretreated and rigid conductors . The pusher can be used to release already-installed conductors or to connect conductors without ferrules .
Secure locking
To allow you to work conveniently , even under adverse conditions , the IPD connectors are equipped with a fast locking system . The plugs latch clearly and securely into place and provide reliable protection against mismatching .